2016 was a special year for consumer drone companies. In 2016, the drones fall into two categories.

On one hand, the consumer drones gradually become “close to” mature after rapid development and revolutionary innovation, just like the iPhone smartphones. On the other hand, as many drone makers gradually disappear from the market, some niche drones are emerging.

Consider the performance and customer feedback, the following three consumer drones can be entitled as “Top 3 Best Drones in 2016”.

Mavic Pro, Wherever You Go

In September 2016, DJI released its first small and foldable drone Mavic Pro with the following features:

1 Light, small and foldable design;

2 Powerful camera for shooting stable and clear videos and photos;

3 Competitive flight time and long-range control;

4 Creative camera features including Obstacle Avoidance, Gesture Mode and ActiveTrack;

There are some similar small and foldable drones on the market, such as the Hover Camera that once appeared on Hunan Satellite TV. But you’ll soon realize the Mavic Pro’s advantages over them after using them.

Beyond doubt, the Mavic Pro have several overwhelming advantages: longer flight time, remarkable video and photo quality, obstacle avoidance and gesture mode, etc. The “small size” only makes sense when the drone have these features.

Phantom 4 Pro, Visionary Intelligence, Elevated Imagination

Released in March 2016, the Phantom 4 was a benchmark for the 4th generation consumer drones. Only half a year later, the Phantom 4 Pro hit the market with hot pursuit, giving a blow to its competitors with its powerful energy reserve.

DJI released the Phantom 4 Pro in November 2016. This drone basically features all the present cutting-edge technology.

The Phantom 4 Pro mainly features:

1 Equipped with a 1-inch 20-megapixel sensor capable of shooting 4K/60fps video and Burst Mode stills at 14 fps;

2 5-direction of obstacle sensing and 4-direction of obstacle avoidance with sensors placed at the rear in addition to the pair placed at the front as well as infrared sensing systems placed on the left and right sides , protecting the Phantom 4 Pro from more obstacles and giving filmmakers the confidence to capture more complex images;

3 Competitive flight time and 4.3mi (7km) long-range control;

4 A carrying case

Compared to the Phantom 4 and other similar drones, the Phantom 4 Pro is equipped with a more powerful camera capable of meeting higher shooting requirements; the 4-direction of obstacle avoidance perfectly ensures safe and intelligent flight; the 4.3mi (7km) long-range control fully explains how “black technology” empowers the Phantom 4 Pro with better “aerial experience” than ever.

Inspire 2, Power Beyond Imagination

DJI released the Inspire 2 in November 2016, simultaneously with the Phantom 4 Pro launch. This drone features some revolutionary innovations compared to the Inspire 1:

1 The aircraft is like an aerial robot with an all-new image processing system;

2 Powerful flight controller capable of multiple intelligent flight modes;

3 Compatible with more cameras;

4 FPV available on tablet, in addition to the main camera view;

5 TapFly and ActiveTrack to simplify challenging shots.

The Inspire 2 features big size and awe-inspiring design, but more importantly, it empowers every user with more freedom and flexibility for creative shooting. To be specific, the Inspire 2 is compatible with more powerful cameras and offers more flexibility in tuning the flight controller. Besides, the Inspire 2 is capable of many intelligent shooting modes, giving you a taste of DJI’s cutting-edge technology and enabling you to take cinematic photos with planned flight routes and pre-set composition.

Power beyond imagination, Inspire 2!

It is obvious that these three DJI drones possess overwhelming advantages in their design, performance and actual application domains. To sum up, the top 3 best consumer drones on the planet include the Mavic Pro, small yet powerful; the Phantom 4 Pro with visionary intelligence and elevated Imagination; the Inspire 2 with power beyond imagination.

Whether the consumer drones have become “close to” mature after rapid development and revolutionary innovation? Have the Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 become the representative word for consumer drones?

Are the emerging niche quadrotors “smaller drones”, or “toys”, or just “stunts”, or a key word for marketing campaign? The media should comprehensively assess them based on actual experience. Whereas the consumers should choose according to their actual demands and expectations.

Be sure to buy a reliable drone with flexible maneuverability like the top 3 best consumer drones on the planet in 2016—DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2.