Our editor recently saw an interesting thread on DJI forum. Where did you buy your DJI drone? DJI.com, Amazon.com, B&H, or your local dealer?  If you bought the drone from places other than DJI website, what was the reason behind it? Customer service, price, accessibility?

It’s a good question as many people love DJI drones but don’t know where to buy.

We found the majority of them order direct from DJI.com according to their responses. The motivations behind are in the following.

  • From DJI.com best price at the time.
  • From DJI.com only for availability.
  • If there was any issues I didn’t have any middle men to deal with!
  • From DJI to take advantage of points, no tax, free shipping and automatic activation of Care Refresh.

Those orders from other places under these circumstances.

“I ordered from an amazon.com reseller on the day of the Mavic Pro announcement. I tied to purchase directly from DJI but the site was overloaded at the time and wouldn’t accept my order.”

“Simple, bought by a local dealer. It is because the Guarantuee period by a local dealer in Denmark is much longer and more comprehensive than that DJI can provide. Should the workshop choose and exchange My Mavic Pro to another and not repair the old, I am claim a Shiny new and not one that is gathered by other old spare parts.

Another thing is that I only have to send my Mavic to that traders of purchase and not to another country.”

“Amazon.com (sold by Amazon). There’s no sales tax where I live, so that wasn’t a consideration. I did like the fast shipping with no additional charge. I really just ordered from there because it’s easy.”

“I bought mine from Multicopter Warehouse which is a DJI authorized dealer here in Castle Rock, Colorado. They know there stuff & any issues I can call and get it resolved. I did, however, purchase the DJI Refresh from DJI…BEFORE I EVER FIRST turned it on.  No issues.”

“Amazon.com because they have real warranty and customer service. When I buy something from them, I now that if anything is wrong with the item, they will send me a new one or give me an instant refund no questions asked.”

Where did you buy your DJI drone?Let us know in the comment.

Thank you for reading!