DJI unveiled on Sunday 28 February the MG-1S at the SIMA in Paris. SIMA is one of the most important B2B agriculture machinery trade show in the World and is visited by international farmers and business men from the agriculture industry, eager to buy the best technology and machines helping them to improve their efficiency. Costs, time and the environment are important for the agriculture industry and DJI can clearly help addressing these issues.

Introducing the new DJI MG1-S spray drone.

The DJI MG1-S is an improvement of the DJI MG1, launched in 2015. The MG1-S is a sprayer carrying 10 liters of liquide and able to treat 1 ha in 10 minutes.

With the MG 1S, the evolution focuses on the processor, stability in flight and distribution of pumps. Three radars are placed instead of just one before. Spraying can thus vary depending on the speed of the apparatus. It will use two or four nozzles. The eight octcopter arms have a cooling system.

Designed for point and precision applications, it can not be used in France because the spreading of pesticides has become prohibited. But DJI decided to come to SIMA to show the future of possible to its audience (232.000 vistors attended the Show this year), this offer because this regulation could evolve. SIMA has an international audience (25% of its visitors) and other countries allow this practice, especially in Asia.

Marketing the DJI Smarter Farming Package

The DJI Smarter Farming package is an end to end solution for precision agriculture.

This package allows farmers to get a better understanding and crop analysis management thanks to DJI’s aerial mapping technology and the use of PrecisionHawk software solution.

The DJI Matrice 100 (and the brand new DJI Matrice 200) is equipped for aerial imagery with a large number of applications aimed to the agriculture industry. Equipped with a foldable structure and a 35-minute autonomy, the camera can embarks a thermal camera and map the crops while flying over it.

The M200 carries an ADS-B receiver informing it of the surrounding air traffic. It also integrates FightHub software to share real-time information via a cloud. With these launches, DJI confirms its willingness to invest in professional activities, including those in the agricultural sector.

The DJI booth was represented by DJI’s agriculture team from Shenzhen who made the trip to Paris and the local PR representative from the DJI European office. For this last activity, in addition to R & D, DJI seeks to rely on local levers to develop the exploitation of the data, or even develop these services itself.