Drone Manufacturer DJI will in all probability soon come with an entry-level version of the Mavic Pro on the market. Not entirely the drone DJI Mavic Standard will be called surprising and have lesser specifications. These new drone will also be offered for sale without a controller. The selling price of the basic model without transmitter would not more than $ 500.

Model M1S

On the FCC website there is in fact a photograph surfaced of a product label showing the designation M1S. On the Mavic Pro adorned with a similar label, but with the indication M1P.

DJI Mavic standard

Anyhow, the introduction of a DJI Mavic Standard (or just ‘Mavic’) is a logical continuation of that DJI. The Phantom 3 Standard was announced 6 months after the release of the Phantom 3 Professional and Advanced. At the end of this March, the Mavic will be turning 6 months old, so we can expect that a cheaper iteration will hit the market around that time.

If such a model were introduced, we would expect that its specification might be limited as follows:

  • Camera resolution limited to 1080p/2.7K camera.
  • Ocu Sync video transmission (same as the pro). That means the Mavic Standard will also be able to fly as far as 7km (4.3mi)
  • Removal of obstacle avoidance sensors
  • No remote controller
  • Controlled only by the DJI Go 4 app
  • $ 699 for the version with controller and only $ 449 for the Mavic Standard without remote.

Delivery Problems

Many retailers still have many orders are on backorder. These may put off potential buyers as such a specification would severly limit the functionality of the Mavic Standard.

Thank you very much for reading!