Unlike Inspire 1 provides two kind of batteries to choose (TB47—4500mAh,TB48-5700mAh), Inspire 2 is equipped with only TB50—4280mAh. But with other improvements, Inspire 2 can fly longer. Above is our review video on flight time.(In review video: temperature- 20°C, altitude- 300m, breeze. Aircraft in GPS Mode, taking off with 95% battery)


GPS Mode is frequently used in actual practice, so we use it for tests, too.

First, we mounted X4S(which weighed 235g). Taking off with battery level of 95%, Inspire 2 flied 22min 5 sec in GPS Mode. It landed automatically when iPad showed 10% battery left.
Inspire 2 test

Official 27 minutes could be tested without wind and other interferences, and with most functions shut down.

We tried again with X4S and 100% battery.
Inspire 2 test

We kept it in GPS Mode, ignore the low battery warning. When the battery run off completely, Inspire 2 stayed in air for several seconds before falling down to ground. With wind Final flight time is 25min 35sec
Inspire 2 test


Then we tried X5S (weighed 461g). Inspire 2 took off with battery level being 97%. 19min 33sec later Inspire 2 landed as iPad warned 10% battery left.
Inspire 2 test

Flight Time with One Battery

This time we only put one battery on Inspire 2 (with x5S gimbal camera). The aircraft kept in GPS Mode throughout test.  It landed automatically 13min 26sec later with 10% battery left. We tried many times, the average flight time is 13min 30sec.
Inspire 2 test


Inspire 2 costs more, and becomes heavier to carry around. But when you think of flight time, it is quite powerful if you want to get the work done.

When I was trying to capture some moments, low battery warning pops out very soon. It always upsets me.

Now Inspire 2 is much better performance in terms of flight time. Dual-battery design also improves reliability during flight.