The reason why I’m so excited for the Inspire 2 is that it’s going to be a no compromise drone, with features that no other DJI drone offers. When the Inspire 1 came out, it had features that were completely new to the drone industry, and there was nothing else that came close to competing with it. It was like the Mac Pro of drones. That’s why I’m expecting the same thing to happen with the Inspire 2.

Here are the features that I think we could see.

  • An all new and improved obstacle avoidance system.
  • Secondary flight camera, or intelligent waypoint flight mode with obstacle avoidance.
  • Higher top speed (maybe 65MPH).
  • Longer battery life.
  • Dual gyros accelerometers and compasses.
  • Possibly a new camera using Hasselblad’s technology and branding.
  • OcuSync communication system with DJI Goggle compatibility
  • New controller design.
  • An entirely new mind blowing feature that nobody was expecting.
  • Backward compatibility with all of the Inspire 1 cameras.
Usually, leaked images like this don’t get out until the final design for the drone is finished and ready for production. These images typically come from internal test pilots. DJI is also hosting an event in California on November 15th for another “special announcement”. This means that the Inspire 2 can’t be far!
So far, there has been a few leaked pictures of the Inspire 2, and they are pretty revealing! Looking at the image, you can see that the general design hasn’t changed, but the materials and components are completely new. The body shell has a smooth space gray look to it, the arms look smoother and more refined, even the motors look completely different.

At the back of the drone, you can see a few things that really stand out. There appear to be new sensors. They could be for obstacle avoidance, but the placement is entirely different from the Mavic Pro or Phantom 4. This new array of sensors could mean 360-degree obstacle avoidance.

dji inspire 2

What’s your e expectations of the Inspire 2,please feel free to leave your comment in the below.