The newly released Inspire 2 is equipped with many sensors, the front vision sensors, vision positioning system, infrared sensors, dual GPS and more. Advanced hardware combining with intelligent software empower the Inspire 2 to fly and hover stably.

We want to see how these sensors work with each other, do they work well independently?

Fly with the front vision sensors only

We first covered Inspire 2’s GPS modules, vision positioning system and the infrared sensors, only flew with the help of front vision sensors.

Then we began to take off. A small reminder for every pilot, only after the landing gears retract do the front vision sensors start to work, so never rush forward as soon as the aircraft takes off.

When the front vision sensors start to work normally, it will sense the surrounding environment by building a 3D map.

Test result:  The aircraft could hover stably using the front vision sensors only. But it failed to do so when it was too far away from obstacles (estimated 7 to 8 meters away from obstacles)

Fly with vision positioning system only

Next we covered the GPS, infrared sensors and front vision sensors, only flew with the vision positioning system.

The vision positioning system includes two cameras and two ultrasonic modules, the aircraft uses the photos captured by the two cameras to analyze the current position for precise hovering, while the ultrasonic modules are used to measure flight altitude, they help the aircraft hover stably by emitting and receiving ultrasonic.

Test result:  The Inspire 2 could hover stably only with the help of vision positioning system, but when the flight altitude is over 10 meters, the aircraft began to drift.

Fly with GPS modules only

Last we covered all vision sensors and only flew with the dual GPS modules.

When flying in open areas with good GPS signals, the Inspire 2 could positioned and hovered in place by using dual GPS modules only.

But we were not going to stop there, we wanted to see what would happen if we cover all sensors.

After all these tests, we can see the Inspire 2 can still position and hover in place when using front vision sensors, vision positioning system and GPS respectively. So we can draw a conclusion that all these sensors and modules are powerful on themselves, they work together to empower the Inspire 2 amazing flight performance. However, we DO NOT suggest everyone to fly the aircraft if any of the modules are damaged, safety is always the top priority.