Here we’ll continue to talk about the Mavic Pro first flight.Below are some beginner advice which may help you.

As was said at the last post, but also wait for very calm weather. It’s one thing to get used to the controls, its another to get used to the controls and fight the wind.

Use the beginner mode for your first flight. It will limit the Mavic Pro to 30 meters distance, which isn’t a lot. Just get used to the controls and how the drone responds. 10 minutes might be enough in that mode. But don’t just then jump to a long distance flight, do incremental flights.  A little higher, further, longer each flight as you get used to it. I have managed 5 flights so far (newborn eating all my time) and just went over 750m distance this past weekend for the first time.

I will say the controls for the Phantom 4 and the stability of the drone is excellent. The Mavic Pro should be just as good. Being a newbie to drone flight as well I was worried about crashing and damaging a rather large monetary investment. As a result I researched drone crashes on youtube to see what caused most people to crash.

From what I saw the Return to Home function causes many crashes. That seems counter intuitive, but it’s true. When you set your return to home function in the controller you need to set it to a height above the tallest object you will fly over relative to the elevation the home point is set. This is what trips most people up.

I live on the side of a hill. The line of trees behind my house are about 20-30 meter high. If I set my RTH height to 40m I will clear the trees behind my house. But since I live on a hill the trees on the top of the hill are 30m + the elevation difference from the RTH point and the top of the hill. The top of the hill is another 30m above me + the height of those trees. If I set RTH at 40m I could still hit the trees at the top of the hill.

The next most common crash is caused by flying backwards and only looking at the camera view. You should always fly line of sight and be aware of what is around the Mavic Pro drone in 360 degrees as well as above and below it. Don’t get locked in to the camera view.