The Mavic Pro is my first drone, and I’ve had it for about a month.  It’s been pretty easy for me to learn, as long as you take it easy, don’t get too ambitious too fast, and watch a few YouTube videos to get a feel for the various Intelligent Flight Modes. I actually started flying it indoors before even taking it outside, but make sure you have a good GPS lock if you do that, or it could drift into a wall or furniture!

You can join some forum like .

Second watch this video gives you a lot of good info on setting up the Mavic Pro.

Nice Video for learning how to do basic flight:

Never do what this guy does:

Moreover, I’ll give is that you need to decide whether you’ll purchase the ‘DJI-Care‘ insurance plan to cover damage or replacement of your drone during the first year, as soon as you get it (preferably at the time of purchase).  The plan costs $99, and while it looks like it would cover 2 complete drone replacements in the first year, that’s not entirely accurate.  If the amount of damage is bad enough to need a replacement drone, the first one will cost you around $80 more, and the 2nd one around $128 extra.  If you don’t get the insurance within 48 hours of activating the drone, it becomes nearly impossible to buy it later. It is technically possible, but DJI requires that you submit for approval an in-depth demonstration video where you must verify that nearly every single aspect and setting of your drone and controller are working perfectly, before they will sell you the insurance. It has to be done in a single take, with no cuts or editing, and you’d need a 2nd cameraman to document everything, as well as to have a detailed checklist of all of the things that need to be shown, and in what order.