Mavic Pro is so portable that your could throw it into your bag,but some people worry about the RC joysticks is being knocked around while in a camera bag/while in transport.

Here we collect some bags offered by Mavic Pro owners which are small and compact to protect integrity of the drone and RC joy sticks.

I just bought this for my Mavic Pro. I will be using it as standalone storage, but then toss it in my main backpack while traveling.

The large size is 4.5″ tall by 7.5″ deep by 11.5″ long. Perfect for the Mavic, Remote, Charger, and extra battery.

Mavic Pro bag

That is exactly what I bought. It’s made by Vivitar and it was like $23. Will fit the Mavic Pro, controller and several more items, and yet it’s still very small.

Mavic Pro bag

I use this one when I only need lenses (our main video camera is a Blackmagic Cinema w/ EF mount). If my free bag from DJI (Fly More) isn’t up to snuff, I will re-arrange it to fit the Mavic Pro. I would not buy it for the Mavic, but considering I have one already. One thing I like is it could be used as a belt pouch, or with a shoulder strap.

Mavic Pro bag

I was just looking for a basic padded case that I could put in my backpack or luggage and found this.

It fits the Mavic Pro perfectly.There is also enough room for the controller, and perhaps an extra battery.For $13, I think this is a good way to protect your Mavic if you just want to put it in your backpack or luggage.

Mavic Pro bag

I ordered this one because I wanted something that I could carry in addition to a backpack if I needed to.

Something small but still roomy. It will get here way before my Mavic Pro.

Mavic Pro bag

That GoProfessional case looks great. It’s not much big but holds a lot more. I like how they even take advantage of space under the Mavic Pro for spare props and the battery adapter.

Mavic Pro case

Which bag is for you?