Many owners are looking for some ways to use iPad Mini with the Mavic Pro as the iPhone screens are way too tiny for kind of work and the problem with lots of iPhone battery drain.

Yes it makes the interface in the DJI Go app less crowded and gives you more room for controls with the iPad Mini. It also has a bigger battery, so you don’t have to rely on your phone to operate the drone.

Then how to use iPad Mini with DJI Mavic Pro?Below is a step-by-step guide for you.

What you need

Turns out the DJI Mavic Pro Controller was designed to perfectly fit an iPad Mini 2,3, or 4. We’re not sure about Android compatible tablets, but please comment for our readers if you know! This article is focused on iPad Mini.

iPad Mini 2, 3 or iPad mini 4?

The iPad Mini 4 has a faster processor and a better screen, which reduces glare outside — a big plus for flying. You also get the Touch ID which makes it easy for a quick setup. The iPad Mini 2 is still a good device and compatible with the Mavic Pro. There are great deals on both the mini 4.

Right Angled Lightning Cable

Using a regular cable with the iPad Mini in the controller will result in the cable sticking out and bothering your hand during flight. The way to fix that is using a right angled USB. The ideal cable length is between 6–8″, which turns out is hard to find.

Luckily, there is a cable on Amazon for $10 inside a little plastic keyholder — which you can break open and free up the perfect sized right angle cable.

Right Angled Lightning Cable

How to Setup iPad Mini with Mavic Pro

Step 1) Remove the Plastic Insert

Remove the Plastic Insert

Step 2) Insert iPad Into Controller

 Insert iPad Into Controller

Step 3) Plug in Cable

Plug in Cable

That’s it! Enjoy the larger screen for flying, and increased battery life!

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