Surfing online and reading through forums can find many horror stories of the Mavic Pro.It probably doesn’t help that folks often seem less likely to post about the times that the expected or satisfactory happens.However, many owners still want to know are there any satisfaction stories?

Then we post the thread on some Mavic forums to get the idea.

Loving it at 37 flights, 6.5 hours of flying time so far. The toolset is deep and there’s a lot for me to learn still about advanced functionality, what works best for the kind of photography I want to take, etc.

# Mine has been trouble free and flys great. May be a slight blurry on right side. I’ve been using basic auto focus and need to learn camera settings which I’m doing now.

# I’m satisfied with my purchase.  It would be nice if the camera was a notch higher grade than it is but it’s been a trouble free unit so far. Only a bit over 4 hours of flight time so far.

# It’s portable and the distance stock is better than expected. What’s not to like? The thing that puts it over the top is the dji programmable modes, poi, waypoints, pano, active track. There’s other software for it too.

# I’m at the 95% Satisfied column. I’ve logged 30 flights/5 hours 10 minutes of flight time and over 38,000 meters. I’ve flown higher, longer distances and got the best pictures/video with the Mavic Pro than all of the previous quads I have built. This is a good platform for the size factor.

# Mavic Pro is the first drone that I have ever owned, and I am loving it! The only problem is with me not knowing enough about it! To date, I have had not problems at all and have accumulated just under eight hours of flight time in 42 flights!100% satisfied!

# At this point, less than a month in and only a few hours of flight I would call Mavic Pro 95% satisfied.

I’m carefully learning to fly and exploring all the controls.  So far I’ve found it superior to most quads I’ve flown. It has good picture quality and is well stabilized even in moderate winds.  The packaging was maybe a little excessive but it felt like you were opening a premium product. So far it’s performed like one.

I think my only point of concern is that the remote holds my Samsung G6 only without it’s case and that makes me nervous. Plus taking the case off to fly and putting it back on again when I’m done flying is a bother. Just going to have to buy a small tablet to use when I’m flying.

# 98% satisfied. I had a problem with softness in video but hopefully it solved by changing profile and set sharpness to +1 to remove the NR.

The only thing i miss is the 60/96 FPS which is a huge disappointment. Others from that it is pure fun and love, tested all intelligent flight modes. Been flying where I had hundreds of errors with my phantom 3 without any problems nor errors.

# Delighted with mine – first time drone owner and loving the toolset and YouTube rabbit holes its opened up for me to learn more.

Absolutely love the Mavic Pro and surprised at how exciting it is to use, as usual though if you hang around the Internet forums you can get a bit overwhelmed with the negativity and moaning going on.

I’m 46 now and if you told the 10y old me this sort of thing would be possible and I’d have it one day I’d have thought you were mad (god I wish I had one of these when I was 10)

#The Camera is of course not as good as that on an Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire, but this was never the claim of DJI.

Overall I’m almost 100% happy with my Mavic Pro! This is really a great piece of hightech and does the job very well!

We’ll continue to collect the feedback,please stay tuned to us.