The post is an update to the Part I.

# 110% satisfied with my Mavic Pro. Not a single issue that wasn’t supposed to exist anyway. Not perfect, but insanely fun and easy to deal with.

These compact drones with real-time video and GPS and 1000K ballpark are a godsend for us hobbyists used to a lot more trouble. Trouble we love but still in R/C it’s a lot more work and a lot less time flying. Now, work on these toys is fine and fun. But flying and filming is a lot more and what it’s about, that’s my point.

Take your time to learn, start slow and build knowledge and confidence. Be responsible. Many new pilots just rush things and then put the blame on the equipment. In R/C and hobby there’s no such thing as instant gratification. The learning curve is steep, long and expensive. DJI has cut a lot of that in our favour, but still every move right or wrong has a price.

# I absolutely love my Mavic Pro. I used the DJI Ground Station Pro App to take 90 pictures of a large area so I could create my own ‘google maps’ and it worked flawlessly. I used Photoshop to stitch together all the pictures. The video quality is superb. I would invest in the Polar Pro filters to get your shutter speed to double your frame rate for the best cinematic filming.

I also flew mine into a tree by accident. Sent it back to DJI for repairs and surprisingly cost me $103 and I didn’t have DJI Care. No other drone on the market even comes close to functionality and price.

# It’s been a great, capable little drone, and I’ve enjoyed learning about aerial photography. Flew it in wind, cold (within reason of course, cautiously) and found it performed at or exceeding expectation.

No jello in the video for a long time, no firmware updates have failed yet, and even when I lost signal flying it above power lines, it just flew right back within half a minute.
Steady as a rock within 30 feet of the ground, fast as all get out in Sport, and takes great photos as far as I’m concerned.

Grumpy that the plastic gimbal cover broke, but it’s $11 for another one, so… no big deal. Not going to affect my flying.

# 95%, with only one loss of RC issue to go against the many, many positives.

I think the experiences with Mavic Pro are pretty binary so there won’t be many ‘75%’s out there.

It’s like dating a supermodel… You’re on top of the world until it all goes sideways, and then you’re devastated.

# 90%+ satisfied… I had my Mavic Pro for 2 weeks and flown around 5/6 times in the same location at home.

Only issues I’ve encountered are loss of signal to the controller at 900-1000m so I’ve not yet managed any further than 1000m. Didn’t want to go further when I’m struggling to see where I’m flying from my phone.

Then during 1 flight it kept stopping due to invisible objects. The sun was behind clouds so not sure why it was happening.

Other than it’s been fine… just waiting for the weather to improve!!!

# My Mavic Pro is perfect so far …100%…  What blows me away, is that people expect the android app to work perfectly on every single android device available what 24,000 devices all with different versions of android, different versions of manufacture software and different hardware. If your device is not on the compatible list, it may not work correctly and its not a problem with the app. How don’t people understand that ?

How do you like you Mavic Pro? Please feel free to post below.