( Video via Matthew Me )

I have been messing with my new Mavic Pro the past few days in Colorado. Other than the fact that I have blur on the right side of my image I love this drone.

*DISCLAIMER* All of this video was recorded outside of all no fly zones and I never flew this flight more than 150feet or so from the ground level. The shot with the fighter jets happened about 10 minutes into my flight and I did not know they were in the air nor did I know they would be flying so damn low.

You may wonder who recorded the Mavic Pro in flight? I was flying with a friend of mine who also owns a Mavic so I recorded him recording me. Unfortunately I didn’t have anything recording sound so I had to borrow a sound effect to put in the video but I think it fits in well.

Someone asked me regarding the fighter jets, where I in any particular mode (tripod, cinematic..) while filming? They flew directly over my head and then circled in front of where I was so I had a few seconds to prepare myself. That being said the panning was quite jerky but I ran it through stabilization in Final Cut Pro and that smoothed it out quite a bit and made it looks as if it was a smooth constant speed.