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While the DJI Phantom 4’s production is to be dropped from the production line by the end of this month, DJI released the Phantom 4 Advanced with similar configuration but much cheaper price. Well, is the Phantom 4 Advanced an update or simplified version of Phantom 4?
Phantom 4 Advanced

Twin Brother of Phantom 4

Phantom 4 Advanced continues the appearance of Phantom 4 series. It is hard to tell the specific model when looking at it in the front. But when you look at it from the side, it is similar to Phantom 4 without the left and right infrared sensors. It is said that the remote controller of Phantom 4 Advanced only supports 2.4GHz instead of the 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz dual bands in Phantom 4 Pro. The Phantom 4 Advanced is like a “twin brother” of Phantom 4.

Similar Configuration to Phantom 4 Pro

Yet, Phantom 4 Advanced also feature similar configuration to Phantom 4 Pro: equipped with the same camera of Phantom 4 Pro, it can record professional 4K video. A mechanical shutter is used to eliminate rolling shutter distortion which can occur when taking images of fast moving subjects or when flying at high speed. And the remote controller is simplified without compromise in image transmission and control range.

Besides, Phantom 4 Advanced also feature a wide range of intelligent flight options: Draw, TapFly, ActiveTrack, Gesture Mode, etc. allowing the users more freedom in aerial photography.
 Phantom 4 Advanced CR dispaly


Many customers think that the Phantom 4 Pro is remarkable but the price is too high compared to the Phantom 4. The Obstacle Avoidance can only be used in Beginner Mode and Tripod Mode. Without the right, left and rearward vision sensors, and with a simplified remote controller, the Phantom 4 Advanced is 1000 CNY cheaper than the Phantom 4 Pro. This must be DJI’s response to the market feedback. According to Mr. Paul Xu, Director of DJI Enterprise Solutions, General Manager of Unmanned Aerial System Training Center, the Phantom 4 Advanced features the best aerial camera, which indicates that DJI will focus on this function to cut down the cost. Undoubtedly, the Phantom 4 Advanced will affect the sales of Phantom 4 Pro.