Looks like the purpose of having an integrated screen on Phantom 4 Pro+ is to save users the trouble of bringing cables and connecting mobile device to RC manually. But is it convenient to use? Let’s find out.

Looks like a phone

The screen on Phantom 4 Pro+ is as large as a smart phone. It’s powered by RC, with only one button to lock/wake up the screen, or reset it by pressing and hold.
P4P screen


The screen turns on along with the RC by pressing the power button of the RC. The main interface comes after the DJI logo, waiting to connect with a Phantom 4 Pro.

After connecting the aircraft with RC, the screen is fully functional, whose operation interfaces are the same with DJI GO app in mobile devices.

Moreover, SkyPixel, photo album, editor, DJI Academy, flight logs and settings are also integrated on the home page.
P4P display

Some of you have discovered the photo album has been separated from the editor in this integrated screen. Now you can use editor only for editing, after which the photos will be kept in album, along with original photos and screenshots.
P4P display


When conducting outdoor flight, the brightness of screen is essential.

While using smart phones as monitors has many disadvantages. Apart from being disturbed by phone calls and messages, the screen of smart phone is not bright enough to withstand strong sunlight, causing difficulty of seeing things clearly.

But all these problems are solved by the integrated screen on P4P+. With a highest brightness of 1000cd/m2, you are able to see everything shot by the camera clearly. If it’s still not enough, you can go to “Settings” and enable the SRE function to increase color contrast and concentration.
P4P display

There are more options included in Setting, including Wi-Fi, device, system and so on.
P4P display

You can also get access to control multiple connectors directly on the screen, for example HDMI connector switch on/off, check content stored in SD card and connecting different devices though USB etc.
P4P display

There is one more thing to be noticed, which is mobile network connection settings. Does that mean SIM card is available in the future?
P4P display

More functions

Apart from DJI Go app, more apps are integrated in the screen, for example, Instagram, Weibo and twitter. The purpose is to enable users to share what they shoot immediately to friends.
P4P display

Web browser is available too.
P4P display

But the integrate screen doesn’t support third-party app download, including games. Reason could be less interference for DJI GO operation. After all, aero photography is the main purpose.

Despite a screen has been integrated into the RC, power consumption remains almost the same.