DJI released Phantom 4 Pro and Phantom 4 Pro Plus. Many asked me what’s the difference and which to buy. Here is our review:

P4P Plus is actually P4P with a screen, which costs $290 more that the latter.
P4P+ Plus

But this screen is of super highlight display.

Specs from DJI website:

5.5 inch/ 1080P / 1000nit / 5-hour battery life
P4p remote

1.If Your phone screen is not so clear in outdoor environment:

▼  Phantom 4 Pro Plus screen VS iPhone 7 Plus ▼
P4P Plus screen VS iPhone 7 Plus

▼P4P Plus screen VS Xiaomi Note 2 ▼
P4P Plus screen VS Xiaomi Note 2

P4P Plus screen VS Xiaomi Note 2 ▼(detail)
 P4P Plus screen VS Xiaomi Note 2

▼ P4P Plus screen VS iPad mini 4 ▼
P4P Plus screen VS iPad mini 4

iPhone 7 Plus / Xiaomi Note 2 / iPad mini 4 is really dim when compared with a screen of 1000nit

In the detail picture of Xiaomi vs Phantom 4 Pro Plus, P4P+ has got brighter colors and clearer words.
P4p remote

2.If you often forget power cable
P4p remote

Well, you often forget to bring the power cable like me, Phantom 4 Pro Plus is a perfect choice.

3.If you are an iPhone user

iPhone battery runs out really fast when you connect it to Remote Controller. P4P+ can solve this easily. This thing can work for 5 hours!
P4p remote

Beside the screen, Phantom 4 Pro Plus has added a micro-SD port and a HDMI port.

Power Button and microphone are added to the screen, convenient to turn on/off the screen and record sounds.

As well as cooling design at the bottom of P4P+
P4P+ bottom

But its built-in DJI GO is just the same. You can find DJI GO on P4P+ starts faster

You can use landscape mode to edit footage with P4P+, which is not possible on smartphone screen.

4.When you get a phone call during flight

If you are using your smartphone,

you will be like

In summary,
P4P remote

If you are considering to get a Phantom 4 Pro, or you’re really serious about getting good pictures, you should get one.

If you’re a heavy iPhone user, you’d better get one as iPhone battery slumps really fast, while Phantom 4 Pro Plus can last 5 hours.