In our last Tesla 85D/Inspire 2 competition, Tesla won as it accelerated to 100m/s in 4.4s. We tried again, can Inspire 2 fly even faster this time? At TouchSky we refurbish mainstream/popular drones on market for exciting reviews.

With major improvements, we have created our own Inspire 2 ‘Turbo’, which can fly as fast as 115.9km/h.

So we borrowed an Audi R8 V10 from a friend, which one will win the 100m-race this time?

As you can see, In 2 ‘turbo’ used 3.57s to fly through 100m, while Audi R8 V10 used 4.03s. Turbo wins!

For your information, we improved the propulsion unit of Inspire 2 for this crazy speed test, which proved Inspire 2 to be really, really stable.

(Professionals on refurbishing. Do not attempt.)

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